Who Am I?

Relax Grab A Coffee and Let Me Tell You A Little About Myself

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway

I am not much for bleeding like Ernest Hemingway but I am all about words. Words are delicious, they can roll off the tongue like a Bonbon Bounced in Butter or be direct and sharp Cutting to the Point. Whatever way they are used, it is a great wonder to write words down so they have the meaning you intended.

I am a freelance writer based in the town of Faversham in Kent, which is about an hour from London, on a good day on the M25. I trained as a creative writer with the open university which has helped me grow not just my writing but also my creativity which I have put into website content design and photography.

Over the years I have worked in many professions and areas, from finance to admin, hospitality to sales.  I have done it all and with doing all these different jobs it has given me a set of skills I use when writing a blog for myself or copy and design for others. It helps me take ideas from all areas to create something different and fresh.

My writing has taken me travelling and has allowed me to take others with me using my own personal blog and photography and now I am venturing into the world of video.

I always hope to help others or advise others with what I do, from teaching to running someones Social Media, to getting the best out of your website.  We live in a world where some kind of media is with you at all times whether a billboard or your phone.

So I believe in creating content that people really want to see or to consume. It doesn't matter whether it is a two hundred word blog or a quick amusing sponsored advert, it must be worth having it.

So this is me, a creative, wordy, multi jobbed 30 (ish) year old man from Kent.  Who wants to write for you, me and for anyone that wants it.

So please check out the services sectionand see what I can offer or hire me to write some fun, serious, interesting content for business or pleasure..........


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